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While we have an extensive database of venues created by previous users, sometimes we may be unable to find a specific location. Here's how to add a venue manually.

Step 1. In the top righthand corner hit 'edit epk.'

Step 2. On the lefthand side, select 'calendar- my gig list.'

Step 3. Select 'Create this venue' in the dropdown when typing in the venue name.

Step 4. Complete the show details and location of the venue.

Step 5. Confirm via the Google Maps suggestions, or click 'add a venue manually' to complete the address.


Step 1. Once logged in, expand the top righthand corner menu and hit 'edit EPK.'




Step 2. On the lefthand side, you can move to the 'calendar- my gig list' tab.




Step 3. Once the venue name has been entered, click the text in blue at the bottom of the drop-down menu.



Step 4. Fill out the rest of the show details, be sure to include the country, region, and city that this venue is in. Then click Continue.



Step 5. Either select the correct venue via the Google Maps suggestions, or click add a venue manually to confirm the exact address.

You're all set!


Feel free to check in with us at if you have any questions.





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