Managing press and reviews

Adding press reviews to your EPK is a powerful example of what people are really saying about you. Promoters and venues will love to see positive press and fun interviews on your EPK.

Step 1. Click 'edit epk' in the top righthand corner menu.

Step 2. Select 'press' from the lefthand side.

Step 3. Add new press with the blue button.


Step 1. Once logged in, expand the top righthand corner menu and hit 'edit epk.'



Step 2.  Click 'press' in the list of EPK tabs.



Step 3. Here you can add and rearrange press reviews. Click the blue button to add new press clippings.




Here you will be able to delete press items, edit existing clippings or add new articles. You can drag the arrows to the right of the clippings to reorder them.



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