Adding band members

You can list all your band members and other support roles such as agents and managers on the 'members & support' tab under Edit EPK. If your band members already have their own Sonicbids user accounts, you can read about adding them here.

This is how to add a band member that is not a Sonicbids user.

Step 1. Click 'edit epk' in the top righthand corner menu.

Step 2. Select the 'members & support' tab.

Step 3. Click 'add band member'

Step 4. Type their name in the 'existing user field' and click 'add member manually' in the dropdown.

Step 5. Confirm their age and unique email address.



Step 1. Once logged in, expand the top righthand corner menu and select 'edit epk.'




Step 2. On the lefthand side,  click 'Members & Support.'



Step 3. On this page, click add band member.



Step 4. Type in their name, and click "Manually add the band member" in the dropdown.



Step 5. Confirm on this screen their age and their unique email address, then save the info. non-Sonicbids users cannot have admin control over an EPK.

Your band roster should grow as you add members to your band. Make sure that each band member has a unique email address in order for them to be added to your roster.

If you are still having difficulty with adding band members to your roster, please send us an email to and provide us with as many details as possible and screenshots showing where you have difficulty. Additionally, send us a list of band member names, email addresses and roles within the group so we can better diagnose.


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