In order to give users, promoters and venues an understanding of how members are affiliated with your band, we offer the ability for you to assign a role for each member. When adding a band member, you will be asked to complete what role they fulfill. Here is a description of the current roles and whether they are visible on your band profile or not:

Visible on Profile:

  • Vocalist: Here are the lungs of your group, providing melodic tunes for your listeners.
  • Backup Vocalist: They are the harmonic backup to your main vocalist.
  • Guitarist: Whether electric or acoustic, this is a catch-all category for all guitar, banjo, ukulele and similar instrumentation.
  • Bassist: Whether a traditional upright bass or electrified, this is the member of your band who keeps the rhythmic pulse.
  • Strings: These are your violinists, violists, cellists or those alternate string instruments like an erhu.
  • Drummer: Whether a drum kit or single snare, these are those members tapping out the beat.
  • Percussionist: These include those instrument players who play outside the drummer on instruments like xylophone, vibraphone, washboard or the all-important cowbell
  • Brass: Your trumpeters, trombonists or tuba.
  • Wind: Your flutists, clarinets, oboists, bassoonists or those playing traditional wind instruments.
  • Synths: Whether mixing new media sounds or bringing the sound of broken glass to the music, these are you sound synthesizer players.
  • Pianist: Those members who tickle the ivory keys of grands, baby grands or whatever piano they can get their hands on.
  • Keyboardist: Broad group of players who may be traditional pianists or harpsichord, electric pianos and organs.
  • MC: Master of Ceremonies, providing introductions or rapping out a message to the beat.
  • DJ: Spinning records or mixing sounds, this is the member who takes other musical tunes and turns it into something new.
  • Producer: The person in the group who pulls it all together, creating the musical vision of the group.

Only Appear on Gig Submissions:

  • Agent: The individual, group or business(es) who manages the business affairs of the group.
  • Manager: The person, group or business(es) who organizes the group on the road, attending to their needs.
  • Tour Manager: The person, group or business(es) who actively recruit and manage the band's touring calendar.

Missing Roles?

We admit, we cannot provide a list of all musical roles for our bands, but we think we have the broad range covered. If you have additional suggestions, please feel free to submit a ticket and we will make a decision whether or not to include in future releases of our product.


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