Media file requirements & limits

Sonicbids wants to make sure you are presenting your band in the best way possible with your music, videos and images, while still creating a positive web browsing experience for your fans, promoters and venues. For this reason, we have the following media file requirements:

Music should be at least 128 kbits/sec bit rate. We recommend 320 kbits/sec for the best quality. There is no size limit on songs. File types accepted: .mp3 .aac .aiff

Photos should be at least 1050px wide to work best in all areas of your profile. There is no file size limit on images. We recommend .jpg or .png files.

Minimum resolution is 640 x 360. Video files max out at 500 MB, and .mp4, .wmv or .mov are the file types accepted.

If you are having issues with getting a specific media file to appear in your public profile, please be sure to email us with your specific issue and attach or give us a download link to the file in question. We will be happy to diagnose the issue and get back to you with an answer. You can reach us via chat or

Editing/Validation Tools:

Users often ask what the best software tools to produce the files meeting the requirements outlined above are. While there are several out there, here are some of our favorite tools we use:

Typically you can export your audio tracks from iTunes, Windows Media Player or any other music manager you may use. To validate your .mp3 file for use with our system, check out the MP3 validator.

Most users tend to prefer Photoshop, Pixlr or GIMP to edit their photos for display on the web. 

Typically, Windows Movie Maker and Quicktime offer great ability to create your video files. If you need to convert files to another format, be sure to check out Handbrake.



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