Adding a subscription to your EPK

The Sonicbids EPK is a powerful tool all on its own, and totally free to build and use!

However, the Sonicbids subscription will superpower your EPK and help you get your materials in front of promoters from around the world. Upgrading to Pro grants you access to:

  • The hundreds of open opportunities we list on our site, these are constantly being added to and changing as the year goes on, certain opportunities come back every year, and new promoters are coming to use our tools to review bands every day.
  • Our Send EPK tool lets you integrate all of your materials into a personalized email that you can use to reach out to any venues, promoters, or other contacts you have that may not be listed on Sonicbids.
  • Through the 'find bands' page, you can use Sonicbids messaging to get in contact with bands in your area, or in areas you're headed to, to see if they can lend a hand in setting up shows- you can also see who's heading your way and help get them set up.

Your Sonicbids subscription is auto-renewing, so keep it as long as you like, and you can cancel at any time.  Your payment method will be charged automatically on the anniversary of your sign up date, either annually or monthly depending on what type of subscription you choose.  

Step 1. Select 'account' in the top righthand corner menu.

Step 2. Click 'upgrade to pro' next to your band.

Step 3. Choose your subscription renewal.

Step 4. Enter your billing info and hit 'subscribe!'



Step 1. Once logged in, expand the top righthand corner menu and hit 'my account.'




Step 2. Click 'upgrade to pro' next to your band.




Step 3. Choose your renewal type- the monthly renewal is $19.99 and is billed every month, the annual renewal is $132.00 and is billed once, at the time of sign up, which comes out to $11/mo saving you $107.88 over the course of the year!




Step 4. All that's left is to add your billing info and upgrade!


'Upgrade to pro' can also be seen on your dashboard, As always, should you have any further questions, feel free to chat with us


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