Adding a secondary credit card

Are you looking to change the credit card paying for your subscription?

 If not, Here's how to add a second credit card.


Step 1. Click 'account' in the top righthand corner menu.

Step 2. Click 'credit cards' to move to that tab.

Step 3. Click '+ add new card'



Step 1. Once logged in, expand the top righthand corner menu and hit 'my account' to move to your user dashboard.




Step 2. Click the 'credit cards' tab to move over to that page.



Step 3.  Under your currently listed cardssimply click "+Add New Card"


You can also add a new card from the finalize & pay page after an application that's asking for a fee.

This does not replace the card paying for the subscription. see above.


As always, should you run into any issues while trying to follow these steps, don't hesitate to chat with us by clicking on the widget in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 



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