Deleting media files

To delete media files from your music, photos or videos tab, you should:

Step 1. Click 'Edit EPK' in the top righthand corner menu.

Step 2. Select the media tab you're interested in on the lefthand side.

Step 3. Select the files to be deleted and hit 'delete selected.'




Step 1. Once logged in, expand the top righthand corner menu and hit 'edit EPK.'




Step 2. On this page, select the media header you're interested in editing, either photos, videos, or music.




Step 3. On whichever media page you're looking to edit, check off the files to be deleted and then hit 'delete selected.'


Please note that if you are looking to delete files from your social media connected files, you need to remove them from their originating source such as Spotify, Instagram or Rdio.


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