Creating your EPK


Step 1. From the homepage, click "Get Started" to start creating your EPK.


  • You'll first need to create your user account, which can either be created using Facebook or just an email address. 

Your user account is your login, as well as the email address that notifications and promoter messages will be sent. You can read more about your user account here.


Step 2. You'll then be brought to a page asking about some of your personal skills. This is something new we're developing, and will be known as your personal profile. This is you and your individual skills as a musician or industry professional- this profile can be made private, or left public so people looking for certain skills will see you in a search on Find Musicians.



Step 3. You'll then be brought to a page where you can create your band. Note that when you type in your band name, the site will check if this vanity URL ( is already taken.





Over the last ten years or so, the Facebook band page became an absolute staple of independent, as well as signed and famous, musicians. The Facebook URL is a great way to connect directly with your fans and keep track of your own following. Because of this trend, we require the Facebook URL on sign-up as a band or solo artist. If you have any further questions about this, feel free to contact us at 

  • Then you can list two genres, the band's location, and upload a profile image that will appear at the top of the EPK. You can read a little more about uploading here.

You can also opt in or out of receiving our "Daily Gig Guide." You can unsubscribe at any time or sign back up at any time to receive notifications of new gigs, listings that are ending, etc.

  • When you've filled all this out, you'll be brought to the subscription activation. 

A Sonicbids active subscription grants you access to the hundreds of opportunities listed on our site from local gigs and national festivals, to song contests and licensing opportunities. It also provides other powerful promotional uses of the EPK such as the send EPK function, which also tracks who is opening your emails and viewing your EPK.

The active subscription is an automatically renewing subscription to our service. It can renew either annually or monthly. You can read more about the active subscription here.

On initial signup, you can click 'No thanks, maybe later' to skip the subscription for now

You've now created your EPK on Sonicbids. Head to the dashboard and start adding to the EPK and expanding on your materials. You can read more about editing your EPK here.

Congratulations and good luck, independent musicians have a lot of work cut out for themselves, and we hope our platform takes the headache out of keeping your materials concise and getting in contact with promoters. We're mostly here to help you share your music. We believe in our artists and strive to list the best and most exciting opportunities daily.


As always, should you run into any issues while trying to follow these steps, don't hesitate to chat with us by clicking on the widget in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


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