Sending a Message

With a Sonicbids user account you can message any band you'd be interested in working with directly through Sonicbids' new messaging feature.

An active subscription gives you an unlimited number of messages, you can read more about the subscription limits here.

To send a message to a band, simply click "Message" on their EPK.

As a band, you can message other bands through their EPK and receive messages from bands and promoters. Creating and sending a message is very simple, but also a powerful addition to the features in Sonicbids that are here to get you gigs.

When you've clicked "Message" on an EPK, this first message will create a new thread, or conversation in your messaging tab. You can write whatever you want, attach files, and also set a reply-by date. 


If you'd like other members of your band to see a thread when they sign in to Sonicbids, you can add them as a participant. You can read more about adding participants here.

As promoters start to search for artists, messaging will really open up the opportunities your Sonicbids EPK can bring to you.







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