How do I add someone to a conversation?

When you receive a message through Sonicbids messaging, the only person in the band who will receive the email notification is the person who created the account. If you'd like to add someone to a conversation so they can also receive the email notifications and participate in the conversation, they first need to create a Sonicbids user account.

To learn how to create a Sonicbids user account, take a look here.

If your bandmate already has their own Sonicbids user account, you're going to want to make sure that their user account is associated with your band's EPK.

To learn how to add a Sonicbids user to your EPK, take a look here.

Once the person you want to add to the conversation has a Sonicbids user account and is associated with your EPK, you can then add them to the conversation. When you go into your messaging inbox, select the conversation you want to add a participant to.

After selecting the conversation, you'll see that there's a box in the top right corner that says "Participants." In that box, you should see the name of the person who created the EPK. Under their name, you'll see the "+add" button. Clicking on this will bring up a drop down menu of all eligible band members who can be added to the conversation. Select the person you want to add and you're all set!

As always, should you run into any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot us an e-mail at or chat with us.


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