Creating Your Promoter Group Profile

If you book bands or artists, Sonicbids is a great place to discover new talent. In order to use the Find Bands feature, you'll need to first create a company profile.

To create your Promoter Group Profile:

Step 1. Go to Sonicbids and click on 'get started' under 'I book musicians.'


You can alternatively hit 'Join' and select 'get started' under 'I book musicians'

Step 2. On this page you'll add your personal information and associate the email address that you'll be using for login.

Step 3. You'll then need to create your Organization profile. Your organization is your company, your agency, or whatever entity you refer to yourself as that you will be presenting to the artists you contact and who contact you. A facebook page URL is required.


Step 4. Once you've entered in all of this information, you'll be brought to your dashboard where you can start searching for bands, or filling out your company profile more.


As always, if you run into any issues or have any questions about this, don't hesitate to write into our support team at


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