Updating your social stats links

Adding your social media URLs to the Links tab will connect all of your social stats to your EPK. These will be displayed to promoters and people looking for talent such as yourself in the applications you submit, as well as on our brand new Find Bands tool. 

  1. Once logged in, click in the top righthand corner and select 'edit EPK.'
  2. On the lefthand side select 'social media & links.'
  3. Update the social media links as you need.

*NOTE: Be sure to only copy what comes after the / in your social media URLs.  If you past your whole URL, the link wont work.

For example, if your facebook URL is:
You would input: therollingstones

If you add a personal Facebook profile, it will return an error.  The Facebook page you use must be your official band page, otherwise the stats will not appear on your Sonicbids profile.

As always, if you run into any issues doing this, feel free to chat with us by clicking on the chat tab in the lower right hand corner of the page, or emailing



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