How can I make it easier for promoters to find me?

Promoters, opportunity owners, and other bands will be setting filters to narrow down their search. One of the main points they consider is the rank of each EPK.

There are some basic minimums that will ensure your EPK is popping up in searches in your area:

  • At least 3 songs
  • Videos
  • At least 5 images
  • Press reviews
  • Calendar dates  

You should also really decide on your strongest material. Do you have your newest album uploaded? Is the first song on the album definitely the strongest song? Whatever is at the top of your media management list- the first song, the first photo, the first video - is what will appear to represent your EPK in band search. So ensure you’re comfortable with what foot you’re putting forward.

Your Social Media data is also going to be a powerful tool as promoters review artists. You can read more about adding your Social Media information here.
Finally, the frequency that you’re logging in and updating your EPK will be somewhat visible to those individuals searching. Your activity on the site isn’t monitored or anything like that, but the last time you logged in will be apparent can affect your ranking in band search.


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