How can I get more messages from opportunities?

Opportunity owners and promoters are going to be quickly reviewing many EPKs as they scroll through our band search. They’re looking for the best fit, and there are a few things that are going to get them to reach out.

Our blog has a great article about maximizing your chances of having promoters reach out.

Along with the minimum media suggestions and your social media information that contain your stats, we’d also recommend building out your calendar as best you can. Your past shows will be crucial to show your history. Also, as soon as you book a show, put that in your calendar so promoters can see your current touring situation and your future plans. This will show promoters if you’re coming through their area anytime soon. They’re not only looking for local acts but any potential touring bands that could be a good fit if the schedule line up. You can read more about updating your calendar here.


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