Why won't my submission go through?

The application page is a template that is pretty standard for every opportunity, however some more questions and features will appear based on what each opportunity owner wants listed in the application from artists submitting to their particular opportunity.

Here are some things to look for on applications.

1. The number of band members has to be filled out.

2. If the application asks that an audio track be included, you will have to click the checkmark next to one of the tracks. These are taken from what is on your EPK already.

3. Any links attached to your EPK such as Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter, will auto-populate in the fields on an application. If your Facebook URL is not recognized on the Links tab however, it will not be recognized on the application. You can read more about your links here. 

If you're still having trouble with a particular submission, please feel free to reach out to, we're happy to help.



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