What is the difference between the bio and the short description?


This is the main section of your band profile located in the Band Overview. It is limited to 5,000 characters which includes both visible content and any HTML code you insert.

Most bands use this area to provide greater clarity about the personality of the band, its influences, impressive awards, previous festivals or concerts of note and longer biographies of its main performers.

While 5,000 characters may seem limiting to some more verbose users, it is just enough content so that it does not become overwhelming to the reader. If you find that you are exceeding the character count make sure:

  • If editing in an outside word processing program, paste your content into a text document first, to be sure unnecessary code is not included in your character count. Word, Pages and similar name brand word processing software programs often times include extraneous code that could be affecting your total character count.
  • Revise your bio to remove content that is featured in other areas of your profile. For example, rather than call out all your previous performances, use your calendar to add previous show dates and highlight the noteworthy experiences.
  • Keep your awards recent. While you may have won your high school talent competition, it may be more than 10 years ago when this happened. Try to focus on those awards most noteworthy in the past 5 years.

Within the biography section you can include links to outside website content as well as using web formatting to draw attention to the reader. You cannot embed video content or other script-driven HTML content. Instead, use your band links section to drive users to your YouTube channel, or better, upload the video content to your "My Files" section of your profile.


Short Description:

Otherwise known as an "Elevator Pitch," this is the 5 second sentence that accurately describes the band, your music style and performance personality. Limiting it to one sentence helps provide the best display for your profile, but we do limit this section to 500 characters.


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