Navigating the dashboard


With our new release, as soon as you login you'll see your user dashboard with all your bands, your musician profile, and see quickly how many applications you've still got pending review.


You can as always navigate through our top righthand corner menu to get around the site, get to the gig applications tab, update your EPK, and head to your user settings through 'my account.'

However, we've added quick links right on the dashboard.



To edit your EPK:

Click 'update EPK' under your band name.



To edit your musician profile: 

Hit 'update profile' under your musician name.


'applications pending' under your musician profile is something that's going to be coming soon and we are very excited about, the opportunities on 'find gigs' though need to be applied to with your EPK!



To check on your gig applications:

Click 'applications pending' under your band name.


You can also scroll down to see your past applications with a tag for which band they're for.



To check your messages: 

Click 'unread messages' under your band name.





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