Managing your Band Opening


From the top righthand corner menu, you can access the page to manage your band openings in one place. You can edit your listing, close it if need be, and review the applicants.


You can also access your most recent listings on your dashboard.



On Band Opening Listings, you can manage any published, draft, or archived listing. If you need to make changes, you can click to 'edit listing'. You can also decide to close a listing at any time. If a listing is closed or expired, you can reopen it (which will require you to edit it!)


To view applicants, click on a listing, You can sort through new applicants, thumbs up or down any. You can also click through to the message thread you have with them. 


You can also access the thread with the applicant from your messaging inbox.

 The thread will include a link back to the original posting.


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