Band Openings Frequently Asked Questions

What if I see an inappropriate band opening?

You can flag a listing that you deem is inappropriate.

Is it free to post a band opening?

During the beta period, posting and applying are completely free!


What types of band openings can I post?

For a band looking for a new member, select the band name as the listing owner to post a “band opening”. For a musician looking to form a band or collaboration, select your musician profile as the listing owner to post a “new project”. Solicitations (offering your services) are not allowed and will be removed.


Can I post anonymously?

No -- we want users to trust each other, so we require you to post using one of your profiles. You can select from the drop down if you have more than one.


How do people apply?

People will be able to search all band openings and apply by sending you a message about one of them. When they apply, you can respond to them with messages for any follow up conversation you want to have.


Can I add a link or attachment?

Yes -- when you create or edit your band opening, you can add a link (e.g. SoundCloud song to prepare) or upload an attachment (e.g. sheet music).


Can I add a picture?

We will automatically add a photo from your profile or EPK. You’ll be able to see and change this when you preview your listing.


Can I edit my band opening?

Yes -- after you save as draft or publish, you can edit your listing later if you notice a typo!


Can I use HTML tags or Markup?

At this time, band openings only support plain text.


Does my band opening expire?

Yes -- after 60 days, if you have not closed your band opening, it will expire. You can re-open any closed or expired listing that you own.


Why can’t I edit some of the details?

While we understand you may want to fix a typo or be a bit more specific, you can’t change some core elements once it has been created. If your needs have changed (need to post on behalf of another band, change the type, or change location), you’ll need to close your existing band opening and create a new one.


How quickly will my changes be live?

After previewing and publishing the edits to your band opening, your changes should be available within a few minutes on the site. You may need to refresh/reload to see your changes appear in search results.



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