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Sonicbids Membership

A Sonicbids membership is totally free, and allows you to build an industry-standard EPK for you as a performing artist or band. Your account, your personal musician profile, and your EPK are all built when you sign up, and are free to use and update as much and as often as you want. Think of it like a social media site for musicians and bands, because that's exactly what it is.

If you should want to expand the use of your time on Sonicbids taking advantage of our promotional tools and want to apply to the opportunities we list, we also offer a Pro Subscription.


The Sonicbids Pro Subscription


  • Applying to gigs
  • Emailing via 'Send EPK'
  • Unlimited Messaging via Sonicbids

Applying to gigs is pretty central to our service and company as a whole. The opportunities we list are what bring artists to us, and it's the main focus of signing up and adding a subscription to your EPK. There are about 150-250 opportunities live at a time for artists to apply to - these are live local venue gigs, massive international festivals, songwriting contests, licensing placements, blog features, and radio opportunities. About 10% of our listings (usually reserved for the most massive international festivals with compensation or that have agreed to book a multitude of bands out of the applicants), list an additional application fee. An important note here is that SXSW is the only opportunity that does not require an active subscription to apply.

Our Send EPK tool is a powerful email client built in to the site. This integrates all the EPK materials into a personalized email, that tracks who has opened and who has clicked through to the EPK, offering you powerful feedback on exactly how your pitches are performing. This also expands the use of the EPK far beyond the couple hundred opportunities we list on 'find gigs,' now you can reach out to any promoters or venues you want. 

Messaging through Sonicbids is one of our newest tools, and connects artists to promoters as well as other artists directly through the site.  Vetted promoters can go to Find Bands and message any bands they're interested in.  In addition, any band can message any other band they find on the site. This is another powerful tool to get some gigs booked outside of what is listed on 'find gigs.'



The monthly renewal of the Sonicbids pro subscription is $19.99.

Our annual renewal, at a bulk discount, is $132 a year.  This comes out to $11/mo, an annual savings of $107.88. The difference there is that payment is taken in one lump sum at renewal, rather than monthly.

Either renewal is the same subscription, we just offer a discount based on how long the contract lasts.


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