How to use the Calendar Widget

If you want to embed your list of shows on your website, you can easily find the code when you edit your EPK.

  1. Navigate to your EPK page.
  2. Under 'Edit' click 'Calendar - My gig list' in the left hand menu
  3. Click the 'Embed' button next to the 'Add Show' button
  4. You will see a field appear with iframe code. Copy this to use in your website

*Note: Your website code should include a <div> style and/or some other parent styling of the section that will set the best height and width for the iframe.

To get the most out of the calendar widget, be sure to include links to purchase tickets and any direct links to your Facebook event when you add or edit a show in your calendar! When fans click on a date in the widget, they will be taken to your EPK calendar with all details for that specific show.

*Note: The 'Embed' text field is completely editable.  Should you accidentally edit or delete the code, simply refresh your browser window and click the 'Embed' button again to get the correct HTML.


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