What kind of Opportunities can I post?

Sonicbids is committed to offering our subscribers opportunities to hone their craft, build their fan base and advance their career. We know the music industry is a tough one to navigate, not to mention fraught with scams that prey on honest, hardworking artists. We also know that there are a large number of honest, decent talent seekers and business owners who are looking to find artists and build mutually beneficial relationships. In order to make sure we are working with the latter, we’ve created some basic rules regarding what we will and will not post. While these are guiding principles, we reserve the right to not post any gig we judge to be in conflict with our mission to help artists.

What Constitutes A “Good” Opportunity

Good opportunities are ones where both the artist and the business/venue/festival/organization benefit from the relationship. Value to the artist can come in a few different forms:

  • Financial Compensation - This can be achieved through a flat fee for the gig, a percentage of merch sales or a percentage of the fee charged for admission (to name the most common). Bands have expenses just like any other business (travel, rehearsal space, and more) so some financial compensation is appropriate.
  • Exposure / Fanbase - While not generally a substitute for financial, it is a mitigating consideration if playing a gig will offer a band exposure to a large (and new) audience. It’s important to be honest and up-front about the audience you expect to attend and what that means to the band.
  • Notability / Career Development - Some opportunities offer one-of-a-kind access to top-tier musicians and producers for mentorship. Some contests carry significant weight within the artist community. Opportunities like these give artists the opportunity to distinguish themselves and their work. 


What We Won’t Post

  • “Pay-to-Play” or “Required Attendance” models
  • Opportunities requiring artists to sign-up for a product/service/ platform
  • Opportunities requiring artists to download or use an outside platform
  • Anything requiring artists to transact on 3rd party sites
  • Any opportunity we consider offensive or inappropriate


We hope that gives you an idea of the types of gigs we find acceptable for Sonicbids. As always, if you have any questions about an opportunity you’d like to post, please contact us at


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